iBridge CTRM

iBridgeCTRM, an application specifically designed and developed for International Commodity Traders and Brokers

With over twenty active customers in domains like Dried Fruit & Nut, Metals, Minerals, Edible Oil, Engineering Components, Consumer Goods, etc.

Comprehensive functionality makes it a one stop solution for all the needs of commodity traders and brokers

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Offers & Contracts

Allocations & Position Management

Logistics & Documentation

Inventory & Warehousing

Quality & Claims

Purchase & Sales Invoicing

Debit & Credit Notes

Product and Transaction Costing

Accounts Receivable & Payable

Financial Accounting & Management

Forex Management

Currency & Commodity Hedging

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Bill of Material

Production Plans

Raw Material Sufficiency Management

Multi-Currency System

Multilingual System


Key Benefits

Minimize Risk with reliable Reporting

Low Total Cost of Ownership - One Stop Solution

Easy Regulatory Reporting Compliance

Improved Decision Making with instant access to accurate information

Enhanced transparency with granular transaction traceability and linkages

Statutory compliance with integrated regulatory taxonomies

Reduce operating costs with automation

Reduce errors with system driven processes

Reduce HR dependence with a high level of job de-skilling

Improve Team Collaboration

Work from Anywhere without compromising security

iBridge MRP

iBridgeMRP has been developed to address the needs of the food processing industry with special emphasis on Bill of Material, Production Planning and Material Requirement Planning.

With customers in Zambia, the U.K. and India using the system to plan their Raw Material Sufficiency efficiently, the application has proven itself to be a robust solution in this space.

In addition, it boasts all the features of the iBridgeCTRM application.

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About Hero


All the functionality of iBridgeCTRM plus

Recipe management

Bill of Material Management

Production Planning

Spares and Consumables inventory Management


Key Benefits

In addition to the benefits of iBridgeCTRM,

Define comprehensive Recipes and Bills of Material for end products

Multiple Recipes and Bills of Material supported for the same product

Plan and schedule production based on forward orders in the order book

Ensure Raw Material availability with multiple methods of Material Sufficiency Planning

Manage Spares and Consumables inventory