WMS APP Privacy Policy


iBridge does not and will not use any image captured by a user of the WMS Android application for any purpose other than to:

  a. Identify a Cargo item that is barcoded when the image captured with the camera is a bar code recognised by the WMS Android application as a valid bar code that has been previously generated by an iBridge application or specified as a valid bar code by a user of an iBridge application

  b. Provide users of the system who are authorised by the administrator of the WMS system within the user’s company access to images other than bar codes that are captured by the WMS Android application using the camera of the device or by attaching an image from anywhere to help the user identify a feature of the cargo of which the image relates to

None of the application in the iBridge applications suite including but not limited to iBridgeERP, iBridge MRP, iBridge WMS, iBridge Anywhere CTRM, iBridge Anywhere MRP, iBridge Anywhere Accounting, iBridge Anywhere WMS and iBridge DigiTax MTD, will use any image captured by a camera on any device running these applications nor images attached in by users in any databases accessed by these applications for any purpose other than to identify cargo, documents or help users identify cargo, features of cargo or documents.

As a user, any misuse of the above policy will invalidate your right to use any of the applications in the iBridge suite of applications and your access may be terminated at any time after a suitable notice is issued to the user.

Please refer our comprehensive "Privacy Policy" on www.ibridgefintech.com to understand the entire policy that governs the use of our applications and our use of data collected through our applications.

By using this application, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions available to view at www.ibridgefintech.com. You must not use our applications if you disagree with any of the afore stated terms.